Covid Safety updates, Jan. 2021

Safety is number one. We are focused on our safety program, built on 30 years of operational experience. In the heli ski program there are a lot of variables. Balancing these unique challenges on a daily and seasonal basis is our expertise.

In the mountains our guides carry the weight of hazard identification and safety decision making. While every participant must maintain awareness in the mountains, it is the guides leadership, care, and attention to detail which allows guests to remain comfortable in this extreme and inspiring environment.

We have applied the same attention to detail, care for our family of customers and staff, and leadership to develop an operational strategy with safety protocols which directly addresses the unique challenges of COVID-19.

The same commitment to our guests, community and staff that we employed last season, are guiding us through this challenging and changing time. When the COVID-19 outbreak occurred last spring, the number one question came back to safety. This time it was not the weather or snow conditions, but a sickness that threatened the personal health and safety of our entire family of heli-skiers. Closing operations was an obvious decision that had to be made swiftly. Maintaining a safe environment for all the employees who traveled to this remote location was also paramount.

Helicopters and employees have a cost, but human life is priceless. We prioritized people over money. All our employees who did not want to travel back home were welcome to stay working with us, even though we had no guests. After all, Alaska was one of the places least affected by the virus, and our remote Tsaina Lodge is a sanctuary. We were one of the safest places to hunker down, and everybody here was cared for.

All 2020 season bookings which were cancelled were refunded or rolled to 2021. All staff and employees of the Tsaina Lodge and Valdez Heli-Ski Guides were paid in full for their season.

The Coronavirus has challenged us all, but we are here for you, and we will be here for you long into the future. No matter what, we will always handle challenges considering our members, guests and staff with compassion and understanding.

As we look towards the start of the 2021 season, you can rest assured that at VHSG you benefit from the best refund policy in the business with the highest levels of safety applied throughout the entire operation. Safety is number one, and your investment is safe with us. Welcome to the family.

Read more about our policies on our COVID Safety Program page.

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