Geology has smiled on the Chugach. Glaciated mountains rise at improbable angles, and between their ridges hide endless couloirs, natural pipes, broad faces, and powder-hoarding bowls — and of course the scenic glacier runs you’ll find nowhere else. The magnitude is unbelievable, and many runs are 3,500 vertical feet – and some of them double that vertical. Right in our backyard sits the sparkling Mount Dimond, serving up 6,200 feet in a single run — and she’s far from the tallest in our range.

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The weather is good to us, too. Pacific moisture from the Gulf of Alaska meets Arctic cold right on our doorstep, dropping flakes that are not only frequent but stable, allowing you to take on some of the steepest terrain in the world with confidence. Thompson Pass, which surrounds the Tsaina Lodge, averages more than 500 inches a year.

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We’ve got the best terrain in the world right in our back yard — 3600 square miles we can mine for a couple thousand perfect runs. When the weather outside the window doesn’t cooperate, we’ve got the whole of the Chugach Range in our permit area — 10,000 square miles — and we’ll fly to where it’s blue. Our terrain is legendary, but not just for those mega-extreme descents you see in ski films — any skier who is confident in-bounds at a ski resort can have a world of fun at VHSG. We’ve got more blue and black runs than any dozen resorts in North America put together, and ours are always covered in fresh snow.

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